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Sep 27, 2015

The prolific musician behind the recently released Taylor Swift cover album "1989"...wait, no, that's the wrong Ryan Adams. Allow me to try again.

Awards Daily editor Ryan Adams asked me to invite him onto the show once we came across a movie perfect for his sensibilities as a seasoned film critic and Academy Awards historian. When I watched "The Thirteenth Year," a Disney Channel Original Movie that caused me to make note of "shiny tushies" at least three times, I knew I found the one. Starring Dave Coulier and briefly featuring Kristen Stewart in her first on-screen appearance, this tale of a boy becoming a mermaid is a fairly obvious metaphor for going through puberty and it plays out much like a Catholic propaganda piece about the dangers of touching yourself. Since Ryan is a professional, we elevated the level of discourse for this kind of material far beyond what you'd typically expect, but luckily for you, it's still pretty lowbrow.

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