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Aug 14, 2017

Matt D'Ambrosio stops by this week to talk about DEN BROTHER, a movie that is a direct mashup of TROOP BEVERLY HILLS and MRS. DOUBTFIRE if both of those movies were 100x less good.

Aug 9, 2017

Hana Michels returns to the pod to discuss HATCHING PETE, a movie about having allergies and dressing up like a chicken. No, really. These movies truly feel like a parody of themselves at this point.

Jul 31, 2017

King of fancy brunches and branded content Evan DeSimone stops by to talk about The Hannah Montana Movie and a streaming service that if we mentioned it by name, a bot posing as a member of their PR team would send us an email.

Jul 24, 2017

A gaggle of my favorite high school friends visited my apartment in sunny California in their swim trunks and flippy floppies to talk TEEN BEACH MOVIE, growing up in Glendale, body image issues, and the unique joy of drinking a strawberrita in a pool.

Jul 17, 2017

Writer Lora Thompson comes back to talk about THE CHEETAH GIRLS 2, the love of Tom Cruise's life, and all the celebrities we lost in the great cull of 2015.