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Sep 20, 2015

Screenwriter Michael Varrati knows a thing or two about supernatural horror. After all, he's written more than a couple, as he's one of the most prolific yet consistently brilliant writers in the genre today. He took a bit of time from his ridiculously busy schedule to talk to us about one of the wackiest in the Disney Channel Original Movie horror catalogue, "Can of Worms," a movie where Malcolm McDowell voices a hyperintelligent alien dog from a star system that only has hyperintelligent alien dogs. Believe it or not, that's only the eighth weirdest thing about this movie and while we cover all those things in our usual sarcastic way, we also dive deep into some of the more troubling subtextual elements that lurk beneath the film's surface.

Check out Tales of Poe, Sins of Dracula and Flesh for the Inferno, all in various stages of release. Also make sure to read this excellent article about DCOM horror written by BJ Colangelo, which we talk about at length on this episode.

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