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Mar 20, 2016

Comedian and Croptop writer Wayne Cousins joins us to watch a little seen but totally awesome Disney Channel Original Movie, READY TO RUN. Sinbad is the voice of a talking horse. Another horse gets lit on fire. There are multiple references to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This movie is AMAZING.

Mar 14, 2016

The AV Club/Complex/US Weekly/literally everywhere writer LaToya Ferguson joins us to talk about THE OTHER ME, a movie that is beneath the talents of people like Alison Pill and Mark Mothersbaugh, who have been brought along for the ride anyway. In lieu of talking about this dreadful Andy Lawrence clone comedy, we talk...

Mar 7, 2016

This week, we're tackling our first ever fan film on this podcast. Some rascals in 2011 decided to make a bizarre, R-rated sequel to DCOM classic Brink! chronicling the aftermath of the inline skating invitational that ends the first film. Our guest this week has never seen the original Brink! so while I parse through...

Mar 4, 2016

You asked, so I answered! This week's very overdue second installment in our mail bag episodes is mostly about things that are not DCOM related, so if you're here for that, you might want to skip this one.