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Dec 23, 2015

A few months back, I resolved that the next time I don't have a traditional episode ready to be released, I would treat you all to some dramatic readings of fanfiction based on your favorite Disney Channel Original Movies. This was a very naive idea because as you are probably guessing, it's all just erotica with...

Dec 14, 2015

Burgeoning comedy person and bowling enthusiast Sydney Varga joins us to talk about wine coolers and DCOM daddies on our ALLEY CATS STRIKE episode.

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Dec 7, 2015

Andrew Schwartz (Talkin' 'Bout Turtle) joins me to talk about MIRACLE IN LANE 2, a movie where God is really hot and everyone in heaven has spina bifida. Zach has a brief panic attack, the merits of butt chugging are argued and Andrew learns what one of the many racial slurs used in GRAN TORINO means.

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