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Nov 23, 2015

Matt Farley, the most prolific musician in the world (this is a verifiable, objective fact), took some time out of his spectacularly busy schedule to talk to us about UP, UP AND AWAY, a superhero movie where Kevin Connolly plays a supervillain. No, really. The movie is short and fairly unremarkable so we take the hour...

Nov 16, 2015

My mom joins me this week to talk about Model Behavior, aka the Disney Channel Original Movie that Justin Timberlake and Kathie Lee Gifford were both in. I learned my mom briefly considered not getting me vaccinated, so that was weird.

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Nov 10, 2015

Film critic Justine Smith joins us to almost barely kinda talk about the Lawrence Brothers classic "Horse Sense," a giant commercial for Disneyland that explores Beverly Hills and the open ranges of Montana...but never Disneyland. In addition to Joey Lawrence's freakishly perfect man lumps, we talk about how to...

Nov 2, 2015

Have you ever tried so hard to watch a movie but you just couldn't pay attention to what's happening? Comedian James Mullan and I ran into this problem while watching H-E Double Hockey Sticks, a Will Freidle comedy so profoundly mediocre that it takes amazingly crazy town banana pants material and makes it, dare I say,...